Thursday, February 28, 2008

February Photos

It's been a great month! Dean is on the move now...scooting, spinning, rolling, and yes, CRAWLING. Welcome to the world of mobility. Fun. (That was intended to sound sarcastic.) Drew has been painting and coloring a lot. He finally knows his colors...and all this time I thought he was colorblind! He is a really big help and reminds me of a little Mommy sometimes.

Friday, February 22, 2008

He taught me how to make grilled cheese!

Sometimes when I think about my childhood I feel like I can't remember much. Then, all of a sudden, I'll be buttering my bread for grilled cheese and be reminded of how my DAD taught me this trick. You don't just throw butter into the pan; you spread it on the bread. It cooks so evenly and nicely. I learned this because when my mother wasn't home for dinner, my father would prepare one of the following: grilled cheese, french toast, or hot dogs. Seriously. God bless him. If I was married to Janice I wouldn't need to cook anything else either! So today I was reminded of this...which leads to me a few other memories.

When my dad, aka POP, came home from work I'd step on his shoes and have him walk around with me atop his black, shiny shoes.

We often had family meetings and family hugs - both of which helped us to communicate our feelings and show our love for one another.

My dad, who is both impatient and calm (oxymoron?), used to get frustrated if/when he had to pick me up from work. I was 15, without a licence, and working at The Lodge in the Emerald Square Mall. My shift was 6pm-9pm and if I got out at 9:10pm he would be pulling out of the parking if I was inside having a drink with friends. It makes me laugh to think of him sitting in the car enraged while I was inside hustling to fold clothes and I'd have a ride home! Yet, on the other hand, when you thought you failed and really let him down - if you did poorly on a quiz or crashed the car - he was supportive and caring. He would always remind me that his grades weren't all As and that I was smart....and he'd remind me after an accident that cars are replaceable, people are not. As long as I was ok things would be fine. These lessons will always be with me. I may not drive off when the boys keep me waiting :) but I will forgive them their faults and teach them how to make grilled cheese.

Thanks Pop!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

To my baby...

I watch you
Breathing in and out
My thoughts drift
All about
Your chest rises
and falls again
These feelings
I can't explain
Your heart beats
Through my fingers
It's so amazing
My hand lingers
I smell
Your breath so sweet
I count your toes
And caress your feet
I listen
To each exhale
While soaking in
Every detail
Your long eyelashes
Your pale skin
Your soft lips
And sleepy grin
A little vein
On your eye lid
A small detail
Often hid
I study your face
Your hands, your eyes
I fear too quickly
Time passes by
I breath in
Bits of you
Feel you breathing
In me too

Sunday, February 17, 2008

We have a good family!

Said by Drew. We have a good family. How sweet is that?!?

Today was/is Daddy's birthday. We've been celebrating for a few days. Friday night we went out to Tazza Caffe and enjoyed some good food, good company, and great music. The band reminded me of NYC - jammin' to live music and dancing with friends. Good times. Saturday I begged Chris to open my presents. (I wanted to be able to say we did something that day!) He complied and was thrilled with my gifts! Sunday we had brunch at my mother's house - more good food, good company, and gifts. And tonight the four of us went out for dinner and enjoyed some birthday desserts. Quite the celebration...but he is quite the man.

Drew has been amazing us with his cute & quirky comments. We're enjoying him so much.
Dean is scooting around - not yet crawling, but getting there. He moves backwards and spins around...all in efforts to reach toys and demonstrate his incredible strength :) Both are beautiful, loving, sensitive, happy, and fill us with such joy.

We have a good family!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Brotherly Love

My brother Alan and I have been having monthly dinners together - just the two of us - since last summer. It's allowed us to reconnect on a deep and meaningful level. I really look forward to our nights out. I love that it's just Alan and me...and we share such open, real thoughts with one another. He's such a mature, reflective man. I am proud of him for his professional accomplishments, his depth of character, his love of family, and his commitment to his wife and himself. Alan just started his own business! (Check it out!)

I also enjoy exploring the local restaurants! Each month we go someplace new. We started with the Bay Voyage in Jamestown...and other favorites have been Seven Moons, Celestial Cafe,...and last night's Liliana's. We often devour three courses and enjoy delicious wines. But still, it's the bonding time with my brother that I most appreciate. It's such a joy to have him as my friend!!