Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23, 2011


I remember clearly the hot summer day when Dean was born. I wrote about it here and honestly remember it as clearly now as I did when writing! Dean is an amazing little guy: loving, silly, creative, shy, artistic, funny, smart, thoughtful, playful, ... and super cute :)

Today is also the day Drew will graduate from Kindergarten

I can't believe his first year of elementary school is finished (well, almost). This year has been SO transformative. Drew has learned to READ, WRITE, do MATH, keep a journal,...he's learned about planets, space, our environment & state, how trees become wood, how to be a good friend, dinosaurs and mammals, 3-dimensional art... His kindergarten teacher, Mrs. B, was loving, kind, science-oriented, fun, free-spirited, and perfect for Drew! I can NOT believe he'll be in first grade in September.

And today Melia pooped in the potty without my soliciting it!

Ok, I am missing the perfect potty shot here...but had to include a picture ;) Melia has peed and pooped on the potty before, but today she said "poo poo" and went over to the potty and sat down. So cool! I would be beyond excited if she potty trained this summer!!


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