Thursday, July 22, 2010

Color pictures from photo shoot :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black and White photos

Here are some photos from our family photo shoot with Caitlin Maloney. We met her at my mom's house in Bonnet and went down to Bonnet Beach for some outdoor pics.

I have a Love-Hate Relationship...

...with the pacifier. I know it's there to PACIFY HER -and it works- but I worry I'm taking away the opportunity for her to learn to PACIFY HERSELF. Melia is the only one of my kids to take the pacifier so I don't know how long it'll be around, how we'll wean her of it, and how she'll do without it. I do know the idea of taking it away causes me anxiety (and it's only been 6 months!).

At the moment, I can put Melia down for sleep awake and she may play a bit (in her pack in play by my bed)...then she pops in her paci and drifts off to sleep. Sometimes after a nap I'll find her with an upside pacifier (so cute) or an entirely different paci from the one she started with! I love that she can put it in and take it out and doesn't mind if it's upside down. It could be pink, green, blue, big, small, round, flat - she doesn't care. She'll take it! Must be the easy-going baby #3. Maybe I should experiment and put her down for nap tomorrow withOUT the pacifier. Could she be SO easy going that she can sleep without it? Hmmmm.....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

moving forward...

Bonnet Shores had a big community yard sale today - and I was one of fifty to participate! I spent a few days digging through closets, boxes, and the garage to find items that we no longer used anymore. Among the things I sold were three baby swings (all different styles of course), a bassinet (which was mostly used for Drew's first three months of life), a vibrating chair (which no one ever really liked), and baby clothes. At first I relished in the money I'd made, the space I created in my house, the new homes which would enjoy these items....and then I got sad. I have had those items as staples in my house for the last 5 years. They represent my babies. MY BABIES. And I realize, sigh, that I'm no longer making babies. Done. Terminado. Finished. I love babies soooo much. I love them so much I facilitate pregnancy & new mom groups for a living....I'm a DONA certified post partum doula. I LOVE BABIES. It's so hard to imagine not having any more. My head understands that they cost money; our house is running out of space; I'm not getting any younger. But my heart wants to continue to grow our family, to have more cute, little Kardoses running around. I know I will long to feel a baby kicking inside my belly...long to nurse another little peanut...long to inhale the breath of new life. I can only hope my work can fulfill those longings ~ or that they subside with time. I need to move forward, embrace the three beautiful children we've created, be thankful for the blessings of my life, and rejoice in the closet space now available :)

So, here are my three "babies":

Melia, 6 1/2 months

Dean, 3 years

Drew, (almost) 5 years

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Melia - 6 months 10 days :)

Melia has "grown up" so much within the past month. She started solids; she rolls all around the room (and bed! - time to set up a pack-n-play in my room); she sits up by herself; she can drink a bit from a big girl cup. She continues to be full of smiles...and when she's not, she is easily soothed in someone's arm or carrier. She has a lovely disposition. She's a bit adventurous and likes being thrown in the air or hung upside down. She is happy to see all friendly people, but especially likes her family. And-super exciting-she wears barrettes! I love it! Here's more...

Weight: 15 pounds, 5 oz.
Height: 26 1/2 inches
Foods she's tried: baby oatmeal, cantaloupe, avocado, banana, squash, prune, pear, peach, peas, sweet potato
Favorite toys: anything she can put in her mouth!
Dislikes: exersaucer (not a big fan), angry voices, getting dressed after co-shower, brother Dean manually moving her head to look at him
Recent excursions (past two weeks): Southwicks Zoo, Roger Williams Zoo, Bonnet Beach, NK Beach, Mommy-Baby Yoga, Library, Casey Farm, farmer's market, Hike at Goddard Park
Sleeping Habits: bed around 7:30pm (after shower with mommy), wake about 3 times/night and mommy nurses (perhaps responding too quickly!), up at 7:15am...leave bedroom by 8am. Nap 9-10am; 1:30-4pm (on a "good" day)
Teeth: NONE yet, but definitely teething