Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

This was the best Thanksgiving to date! We had so much to be thankful for: two healthy kids, a great marriage, a beautiful home, a well behaved toddler :) and two supportive families. Drew had a blast with all of his "cousins" (and his cousins' cousins) - we seriously didn't see him all day! And Dean was Dean - content in the arms of anyone willing to hold him! I couldn't believe how perfect the day was...and might I add: Simple. My cousins arranged the turkey kick-off to be after Drew's nap so we were there for the whole event! Everyone was well-rested and ready for TURKEY. Gobble, gobble.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good times

Today might have been the first time I felt a chill in the air. Not bad considering it's mid-November! I won't complain...for when the wind died down the warmth of the sun brought comfort.

This morning we went to yet another "Touch-a-Truck" event. If you have a toddler and haven't yet attended one, I highly recommend it! Aside from the abnoxious sirens (set off by toddlers of course), these events are such fun. Drew climbed in an ambulence, fire engine, moving truck, and even saw a "heli-copper." He got some lovin' from Scooby Dooby Doo too!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

POO POO in the potty

BIG news...

Poo poo in the potty! I repeat: poo poo in the potty!

Drew has been amazing me with his pee pee in the potty - several times a day - and today he truly impressed me. He did his usual post-nap pee in the potty and was left bottom-less while I changed Dean. All on his own, he went back to the potty, sat down, and pooped! I think he was just as surprised as I was. He called me over, "Mommy, poo poo in the potty!" and I came to look (not really expecting to see it!). Sure enough, he had done it. "Poo poo in the toilet and I flush it?" He must've said that a few times because I was so busy doing my poo-poo-in-the-potty song & dance I didn't hear a thing. We gleefully flushed the poo poo and talked all afternoon of how he did a great poo poo in the potty. GO DREW!

I'm still smiling :)

Friday, November 09, 2007


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another GOOD day

Drew has been talking endlessly of how he loves my haircut and says he wants a haircut too. So today I took him to Kidz Adventure Cuts. He was in desperate need, but I do hate to see the long curly locks fall to the floor. A week ago I trimmed the back myself (not half bad either), but today our hairdresser Dawn did a stellar job!! I'll post more pics of his cute new-do later this week. I'm proud to say he behaved fabulously - even when the electric clippers came out!

Dean has been impressive too! Not only is he sleeping well at night (last night he slept 13.5 hours with one feeding!), but he's napping great too. He is generally very happy; he talks a lot more; loves to smile at Drew; and enjoys playdates!

Saturday, November 03, 2007


There are many adorable, quirky, and silly things to come out of Drew's mouth these days. Here are a few of my favorite Drew-isms:

* Mommy poops. Daddy poops. Giraffes poop. Monkeys poop. Everybody poops!
(Said after hiding, pooping, and denying the bowel movement.)

* Hi sweet heart. How are you?
(Said to my mother and grandmother...always sure to get a laugh out of them.)

* Thank you for the pancakes. Thank you for the water. Thank you for everything!
(Said every morning after breakfast...a bundle of appreciation!)

* Mama, do you need help?
(To my grandmother as she got out of the car!)

* I really LOVE this!
(Said when enjoying any food.)

* I don't really like it.
(Said when not enjoying a food.)

* I really like your haircut, Mommy!
(He says this every day - My hair was cut weeks ago!)