Monday, July 30, 2007

Not all bad...

While there are days like last Thursday, they are not all bad days. The past three days Drew surprised me by being absolutely wonderful. I've discovered what I already knew to be true: Drew needs lots of stimulation and play. Friday we had a playdate with Max & Lili so Drew was entertained and happy. Saturday we went to the "touch-a-truck" event in Warren and played at a nearby playground. That evening friends came over, with a 4 year old girl, and Drew hammed it up - singing, playing, and running around. Sunday we went for a walk at the bike path followed by a visit to the Sprague Playground in Narragansett. Such fun! In the afternoon, we went to the NK Town beach where Drew delighted in getting wet and playing at the little playground. He had such a blast. We exhausted him (and yes, he exhausted us); he slept well and (according to Drew) was "happy!" He didn't cause any trouble, rebel, or act out. Now, if only I could figure out how to keep him SO entertained during the week?!? It really takes two adults to parent two kids. This is my struggle. Any advice?!?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Papa Razzi

Just so you know, it's not all fun & glory with two kids. Am I painting that picture through prior posts? Well, it's just not so. Yesterday, for example, was slightly disastrous. I took both kids, along with my grandmother, to Papa Razzi for lunch. I did this with the best of intentions: spend some time with Mama, get Drew out of the house, begin bringing Dean out-and-about. I knew as soon as I got in the car that Dean would wake up during lunch in need of a feeding. I forewarned my grandmother (who insisted I could nurse in this slightly-upscale restaurant) . We decided to sit in a booth near the back (in case I did get up the nerve to breast feed there) but high chairs were not permitted (fire hazard) so Drew was in a booster seat. The trouble began immediately.

Drew engaged in ALL of the following:
* Coloring on the table cloth and napkins (white linen of course)
* Screaming (high pitched, I'm-trying-to-annoy-you screams)
* Hitting Mama
* Throwing cars
* Throwing food
* Spilling sippy cup...or rather pouring contents of sippy cup
* Taking off sandals
* Climbing out of booster seat
* Forcefully pulling table cloth - knocking off several items

We thought moving to a high chair (at another table) might settle him a bit. We were wrong. He engaged in all the same behaviors (see above list) minus the climbing. ARGH!

Of course, as we're moving from one table to another (btw, the staff was so pleasant about it all: "Boys will be boys" ha ha...), Dean wakes up hysterical. So while lugging my infant seat, lunch box, wild child, and diaper bag...the restaurant is watching because screams are emerging from the infant carrier. I take Dean out to my stifling hot car to nurse him. I turn on the car for AC and listen to three minutes of seat-belt-alarm-beeping before deciding I'd rather sweat than hear that noise any longer. I soon return to the restaurant, where Mama (God bless her) is kindly managing my abusive son (yes, he's hitting her - what the *&^%?!?). We're both dumbfounded by Drew's behavior...the meal is anything BUT relaxing...and I'm sure I'll never dine out peacefully again.

Needless to say, life with children is not always glorious.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007



I decided to take both boys to the Impossible Dream Playground yesterday morning. The morning looked cloudy and cool; a perfect playground day. I packed up the kids, lunch, my sling, sunscreen, and all the other necessities and headed north to meet Ann & Lili. As soon as I pull into the playground, I notice the sky clearing and the hot sun shining down. UGH. Dean and I were sweating immediately (con to baby-wearing) and the heat & humidity wore us out. We were unable to find any decent shade too :( After nearly an hour of jiggling, dancing, and rocking with Dean (still attached to my body), I called it quits and headed cloudy, cool North Kingstown. Go Figure.


Dean has a few periods of cluster feeding - usually early morning and late evening. I don't mind because I feel it allows for longer stretches at night. Last night Dean nursed around 9:30pm and not again until 2am! Incredible. I'm not counting on a repeat performance tonight, but I'm hopeful more rest is in my near future. AHH...

Monday, July 16, 2007


Dean at 2 weeks

Drew at 22 months

For curious friends, the rest of our pictures can be seen at:

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


My two sons...sounds funny still to say that. They are quite different from one another and yet both so remarkably loveable. I always wondered if parents could truly love two children the same; and now I know how much love one heart can hold. It's amazing. Sometimes we have "family hug time" here and Drew will say "again! again!" after each hug. He loves it! I'm a big fan of family hugs too.

Drew is still incredibly helpful when it comes to baby Dean. He tries to calm him when "baby's sad" by rocking him, saying "It's ok baby Dean. I know... It's all right." and he'll even sing "Twinkle Twinkle" for Dean when asked. The challenge really comes for me when I'm nursing -and Drew likes to head for trouble - or when Dean's sleeping and Drew makes a lot of noise. I'm learning to be patient and I always try to see things as Drew does. I'm empathetic to the big change here and how this might be effecting him. Imagine not being able to talk about your feelings?!? How else would you express might just throw a few tantrums.

Dean is still eating like a champ! He's gaining two ounces a day. He weighed in at 8lbs. 12oz. today. Yahoo. The lactation consultant suggested today that I'm actually over-producing milk. Dean nursed for about 5 - 10 minutes (max) and took in 3 ounces. The good news is he's growing well and my supply is great; the bad news is I'm often drowning my son. This big rush of milk often causes more gas for my peanut...making our nights a bit more sleepless. We'll see how things change in the weeks ahead as my body adjusts the milk supply for Dean's needs...and as Dean learns to distinguish night and day. Hopefully we'll soon all be sleeping more.

I'm still enjoying both of my boys. I do find the days a bit exhausting, but I realize every stage is temporary and I'm trying to soak in the beauty of being 2 weeks...and two years. Such wonderful days despite little sleep and frequent cries. I just can't help being in love with ALL my boys!

Mission Two

Yesterday I decided to attempt a second excursion with my two sons. We went to BJs to stock up on diapers and such. It's nearly a 30 minute drive each way...and as good luck would have it, Dean slept for most of the ride there & back as well as throughout the store! My biggest stress was keeping Drew, who kept whining for everything, quiet. Despite Drew's loud requests to "Hold it!" or "Bagel please!" or "This way!" he did not wake Dean. (Exhale sigh of relief)
Mission 2: BJs, day 17, success

Monday, July 09, 2007

2 weeks old

Dean continues to amaze me. In one week, from day 5 to day 12, Dean gained a pound! He had been nursing like crazy (don't all newborns?) but imagine my delight when he weighed in at 8 pounds last Thursday. Horray for Dean! The best part is that he only nurses for about 10 minutes too. He's an efficient eater...which makes my life a little easier. Second big news is that Dean rolled over today. No joke. I put him down in the pack-n-play on his belly (don't start...this is how he likes to sleep) and a little while later I hear him crying. Come to find out, he's rolled onto his back. Unbelieveable. We're beginning to think he's SUPERBABY.
Maybe he can already read & write too?!?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mission One

As per my pediatrician's advice, I decided not to be "a prisoner in my own home" any longer. Today was my first day alone with the two boys and we decided to head to the supermarket after naptime. Drew rode up front in the seat as he always does; and Dean sat in his infant carrier (carseat) in the basket. Of course this leaves little room for groceries, but we made use of the remaining space.
I nursed Dean, the eating machine, just before we left hoping that I'd have plenty of quiet Dean time. Somewhere along the aisles, he began to cry. My whispers of "it's ok dean...I know..." were echoed by Drew who began calmly rocking the infant seat for Dean. SO adorable. Everyone commented on what a fabulous big brother he was; and I felt moved to tears. I told Drew I wanted to cry - and he looked puzzled asking, "Cry??" and I told him I wanted to cry because I was so happy and so proud of him. What a great brother he is!
Mission One: Supermarket, day 12, success.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Who's your daddy?

Can you tell which is Chris, Drew, or Dean at birth?