Friday, February 22, 2008

He taught me how to make grilled cheese!

Sometimes when I think about my childhood I feel like I can't remember much. Then, all of a sudden, I'll be buttering my bread for grilled cheese and be reminded of how my DAD taught me this trick. You don't just throw butter into the pan; you spread it on the bread. It cooks so evenly and nicely. I learned this because when my mother wasn't home for dinner, my father would prepare one of the following: grilled cheese, french toast, or hot dogs. Seriously. God bless him. If I was married to Janice I wouldn't need to cook anything else either! So today I was reminded of this...which leads to me a few other memories.

When my dad, aka POP, came home from work I'd step on his shoes and have him walk around with me atop his black, shiny shoes.

We often had family meetings and family hugs - both of which helped us to communicate our feelings and show our love for one another.

My dad, who is both impatient and calm (oxymoron?), used to get frustrated if/when he had to pick me up from work. I was 15, without a licence, and working at The Lodge in the Emerald Square Mall. My shift was 6pm-9pm and if I got out at 9:10pm he would be pulling out of the parking if I was inside having a drink with friends. It makes me laugh to think of him sitting in the car enraged while I was inside hustling to fold clothes and I'd have a ride home! Yet, on the other hand, when you thought you failed and really let him down - if you did poorly on a quiz or crashed the car - he was supportive and caring. He would always remind me that his grades weren't all As and that I was smart....and he'd remind me after an accident that cars are replaceable, people are not. As long as I was ok things would be fine. These lessons will always be with me. I may not drive off when the boys keep me waiting :) but I will forgive them their faults and teach them how to make grilled cheese.

Thanks Pop!


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