Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So Thankful...

These three little people bring me so much joy; and for them, I am so thankful. I like to keep it real and I'm not ashamed to say this parenting gig is HARD WORK and at times, simply overwhelming. And while I may lose my cool or miss my ME time, I am filled with so much love and joy when I think about, hold, spend time with...these three. They are clever, creative, silly, affectionate, thoughtful, and loads of fun!

At this time of year, more than any other, "we" are reflective about what is good in our lives, how we can show kindness & appreciation, and what it means to give. This holiday I'd like to give the kids a little bit more of ME. A little less frustrated mommy, a little less tired mommy, a little less busy-at-the-computer mommy. A little more on-the-floor-playing mommy, a little more organized, patient, punctual, prepared, and calm mommy. I think that is the best gift I can give.

It's not easy being a parent. It's not easy being a young kid either. Life is filled with's about how we meet (and overcome) those challenges. We need to make the good moments GREAT and put the stresses away while we play. They won't be young forever; and I know I'll miss this chaotic time of life. I love them and appreciate the joy they bring me every day. I love that they embrace me as their mom - for better or worse - and appreciate that they let me sing and dance and laugh and hike and play and color and snuggle....with them.
I'm so thankful for my beautiful children, my amazing partner, and all the blessings I've received.


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