Sunday, February 17, 2008

We have a good family!

Said by Drew. We have a good family. How sweet is that?!?

Today was/is Daddy's birthday. We've been celebrating for a few days. Friday night we went out to Tazza Caffe and enjoyed some good food, good company, and great music. The band reminded me of NYC - jammin' to live music and dancing with friends. Good times. Saturday I begged Chris to open my presents. (I wanted to be able to say we did something that day!) He complied and was thrilled with my gifts! Sunday we had brunch at my mother's house - more good food, good company, and gifts. And tonight the four of us went out for dinner and enjoyed some birthday desserts. Quite the celebration...but he is quite the man.

Drew has been amazing us with his cute & quirky comments. We're enjoying him so much.
Dean is scooting around - not yet crawling, but getting there. He moves backwards and spins around...all in efforts to reach toys and demonstrate his incredible strength :) Both are beautiful, loving, sensitive, happy, and fill us with such joy.

We have a good family!


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