Monday, July 28, 2008


We've been having quite the busy summer so I haven't had much time for blogging. I'm going to try to make up for lost time.


Drew - He's finally going number 2 on the loo. Yahoo!
One morning I woke up and decided I would not succumb to putting a diaper on my nearly-3-year-old Drew so he could go poo-poo. I'd had enough! And I must say... it is soooo much easier to wipe a butt that has not been mulling in feces. Blah!

Dean - It's tragic. It's heartbreaking. It's difficult to accept... Dean took it upon himself to wean this month. I struggled for a few weeks - trying to nearly force my breasts upon him, but I accepted defeat (while shedding a few tears) and have moved on. I desperately miss our quiet, cuddly time and now seize any opportunity to hold him. Why does time have to pass so quickly...and why must infants grow?

Mommy - After two exciting years of facilitating new moms groups, a friend and I have started Rhode Island New Moms Connection. We offer affordable, accessible support groups for pregnant women & new moms in RI. We've spent the past few weeks building partnerships with other professionals in the prenatal/post partum community. It's so exciting! I love talking about women's options, support, motherhood, etc.

Daddy - Well, Daddy has been a little under the weather the past two weeks, but lots of family time has kept him smiling. (Right Daddy?!?) In addition to looking slim (yes, my joining weight watchers has helped everyone), he is golden brown.

Sibling Relations - When Drew is not stealing cars out of Dean's hands or crashing into him with trucks, he is smothering him with hugs and teaching him words/signs/how to be quiet. Dean is ALWAYS enamored, awe-struck, and entertained by much so that he'll follow Drew to time-out and continue to play (even though Drew is usually in time-out for having done something to Dean!). It's brotherly love.

Final Notes - Dean turned ONE and weighed in at 20 pounds (skinny minny!) despite eating everything put in front of him. Drew has become an awesome climber and I'd like to see him on a real rock wall - soon! Both boys are complete beach fanatics - even getting thrown around by rough waters doesn't stop them from frolicking in the ocean. I have actually enjoyed the beach days...dare I say, finding it almost relaxing.
(*An entertained Drew is a happy Drew. A happy Drew makes for a happy family!)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Potty Training (# 2)

Yippee! Drew is finally pooping in the potty!! He has been nearly potty-trained for a couple of months now and it's been great! I never have to ask him to go...or remind him - he tells me when he has to go pee-pee; and he honestly doesn't have accidents. It's been easy. EXCEPT, he has refused to poop in the potty. So, once a day he asks for a diaper, I put it on him, he poops, and I change him. I finally felt tired of that routine and decided yesterday there would be no more diapers! He has since pooped in the potty THREE times! And although he is still (so far) asking for diapers before pooping, I feel confident that diapers are a thing of the past. Whew! GO DREW!