Sunday, May 16, 2010

Co-Sleeping Conundrum

I am constantly evolving as a mom. Perfect example: Drew slept in a bassinet in our room while we lived at my mom's house, but moved to his own room as soon as we settled in our new home (he was 2 months old). For Dean, I set up the arm's reach co-sleeper (mini crib) and he would sleep there, in the swing, on my chest until he was about 3-4 months old. Then he too moved into his own room with his own crib. Melia, now 4 1/2 months, is exclusively sleeping in my bed. I'm co-sleeping! I never would've thought I could've lasted this long, but Melia is so easy to sleep with! I remember Dean grunting and snorting, keeping me up all night, but Melia is a quiet, calm sleeper. When she's sleeping, that is!

Here's the conundrum: I love co-sleeping with Melia. I love seeing her smiling face first thing every morning. I love knowing she's right there beside me all the time. I love that when she wants to nurse I just pop her on, without having to go get her or worry about putting her back down. However, I feel that my presence is taking away her ability to self soothe. Melia wakes anywhere from two to five times a night (seriously!) and I end up nursing -or giving her a pacifier- every time. Could I be responding too quickly to her small fusses? Definitely. Could I let her work it out? Maybe. Why don't I? Because I'm right there! I don't want her to cry; and I don't want to lie there wondering if she's going to fuss or sleep.

So, I wonder. Are there any co-sleeping, breastfeeding moms out there whose babies sleep through the night? That's what I really want to know. Does everyone respond as quickly as I do...encouraging babies to expect to nurse all night? I don't need her to sleep 12 hours...or even 8 hours, but it sure would be nice to sleep a 4-6 hour stretch again. I just wish I could achieve this while STILL co-sleeping...because I love sleeping with Melia.

(early morning photo)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Rights of Passage

The last few months have been huge in the life of Dean. He transitioned to the toddler bed (after climbing out of his crib again and again...), abandoned the booster seat, and stopped wearing diapers!! I read "Oh Crap Potty Training" as soon as it was available. I was so tired of changing his size HUGE diapers...and tired of dealing with his constant-state-of-motion while I tried to assemble clean diapers. Ugh. I'm happy to report my little boy went from toddler to ready for preschool in about a month's time. So exciting! And quite recently I've noticed some of those terribly annoying 2.5 yr. old behaviors are dissipating. Not all, but some. Change is here. Just shy of 3 yrs old, Dean has become a real "big boy."

And did I mention he now does 24-piece puzzles on his own? I have NO idea where that came from because two months ago he wouldn't touch his 12 piece puzzles. Maybe knowing that Drew does 170 piece puzzles inspired him...or it was the trucks and cars on the puzzles. In any case, he can sit still longer, be more involved in projects and puzzles, and is much more ready for school! It's been a right-of-passage to preschool! Is it September yet?