Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Fun

For some reason, it seems like "parenting" is more fun on the weekends. It could be because Chris is the most amazing husband and father...therefore making everything more enjoyable. And in many ways, he makes everything easier too. He helps me with everything: caring for Drew, cooking, cleaning, playing...I'm so blessed. Well, this past weekend was no exception. We had a blast! After the weekly Saturday swim class (which Daddy and Drew do together), we went out to Java Madness for a late lunch and live music. Drew got his groove on and enjoyed boogying so much that he cried when we had to leave. Just like his father he can't get enough live music! After lunch we took Drew to a playground near the Guild in South Kingstown. Following our playground adventures, we visited Mama and Pop in Bonnet Shores. We took a short walk down to the beach (checking out the recent damage from storms) and back to "Mama's" for dinner. A busy, full day for all of us!

I was taken back to my own childhood while at the playground / park with Drew & Chris. There was this beautiful little bridge and running brook. I showed Drew how to throw sticks into the brook and watch them sail away. Sometimes they were close enough for Daddy to grab - which was really exciting. As a child, I always enjoyed this activity. My house in Cumberland was near a brook and I'd throw a stick on one side of the bridge and eagerly await it's arrival on the other side. It was awesome how my son shared this excitement too. We searched high and low for all the best sticks and found great pleasure in watching them sail away...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Big brother in the making...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Oh baby!

Although there is really no "preparing" Drew for the arrival of the baby, I am doing what I think might make the transition a bit easier. When first discovering that I was pregnant, I began identifying skills I hoped Drew would obtain before June. For example, he is now able to walk up and down stairs unassisted (he holds the bars of the railing for support). He can use a spoon/fork to feed himself quite well and is amazing at cleaning up his toys after playing. He has learned to entertain himself for several minutes at a time; and ask for help instead of whining when he's frustrated. Way to go Drew! One last bit of "preparation" is to introduce a baby. In this case, our baby is my old Cabbage Patch doll from 1983. (Yes, I still have all my dolls...and they've been nicely preserved for my own children - what a dork, right?) This baby was unveiled last weekend and has since received much love from Drew. Drew is amazingly gentle with this doll, whom he calls "baby", and he showers it with hugs and kisses. When he's not loving the baby and doing nice, he ignores it. He hasn't thrown it to the floor or hurt it. He treats it so kindly! I try to make the association with the baby in my belly; Drew will nicely stroke my belly "baby" which melts my heart. At this point, I'm feeling hopeful that Drew will be gentle with the baby - or just ignore it. Both work for me! Drew sees lots of babies at music class and at Bellani; and he's always interested and gentle. Whether this confidence I feel is warrented or not doesn't really matter. It's nice to feel "prepared" for the baby...and it's nice to know that there is much kindness and love in my son for others.

(Above: Drew shows his affection for T.J.Bearytales!)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Clean it up!

Doesn't every parent know a "clean-it-up" song? My favorite is the one by Laurie Berkner. We've found that no matter what the situation, whether it be cleaning, brushing teeth, or washing hands, Drew is happy to perform when someone sings joyfully. So, for weeks I've sung my clean-it-up song and together we've put away cars, blocks, and books that dominate our living space. He's so eager to clean now that we don't need the song and he seldom needs my help! He always has my encouragement and praise, and perhaps that is motivation enough. Or maybe, like Mommy, he respects his space and wants to keep it neat. Either way, he pitches in daily and I'm thrilled. He's so good that after each meal he gets down and hands me all the food that has fallen to the floor. (Ok, much of that food was thrown to the floor...) Last night he picked up at least 10 pieces of Easter ham which he had tossed aside. This morning it was slices of melon. After each meal he is released from the grips of his high chair, squats down, and retrieves the left-overs. It's allowed me to worry less when the items fall - and in fact, I try to ignore it all together. We both know who's cleaning it up!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Preggo Pals

It's so nice having a good of pregnant mom friends to share this second pregnancy with! Last time around I didn't have ANY pregnant friends ( be single in NYC) and I missed that support. It's fun to share experiences, complain of sciatic pain and exhaustion, watch bellies and toddlers grow, plan our nurseries (or lack there of!), talk of baby names and breast feeding, and share lots of laughs! We have a nice group of "second time around" moms; and we've been on this journey together for the last several months. Kelly (see above left) is due Tuesday - the first of the bunch. Me, Wendy (grey shirt above), and Sarah (not pictured) are due in June; and Melanie (to my left above) is due in August. So much to discuss, vent about, rejoice in, and embrace...and so nice to do it together!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

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