Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dear Drew

Dear Drew,

Tomorrow is your first day of kindergarten. I can't believe the time has come where I must let you go out into the world -for a full day!- and trust that others will care for you as I have done. The school supplies are bought, new clothes are laid out, your lunch is made, and you are asleep.

When I asked you today how you felt about going to school, you replied, "Happy!" "What are you most excited about?" I asked. "Playing outside and doing arts and crafts," you told me with a smile. It warms my heart that you are excited. However, I will
my bedtime draws near I find myself filled with some angst. A bit of sadness sweeps over me when I imagine dropping you off tomorrow morning. I will stay on the black top with you as you scope out the other children and play a bit. I will smile with pride as you get in line with Mrs. B and prepare to head into your classroom. I will wave goodbye as you walk into the building. I'll hide my sad eyes behind my glasses...and remind myself that I knew this day would come. Everyone has to grow up. You are ready for this. Everything will be ok.

Good luck, Drew. I hope you come home wearing the same smile I saw on your face this afternoon. I'll be waiting for that. I love you con toda mi corazon.