Sunday, July 10, 2011

Little Boys Rock BUT...

Sometimes it's nice to just be with a little girl...or two...or six! Today I hosted a Tea & Cakes party for Melia and a few friends (all with one year old older siblings and no boys!). It was such fun!

We often talk about how important it is for each child to get parent-alone time...and it's equally important, in my opinion, that they get peer-alone time. I noticed it was an adjustment for Melia to be among 1 yr. old babes. She is typically with older kids (mostly boys) and she gets away with a LOT. Today she had to take turns and share everything...without being indulged for simply being the "baby."

It's also incredibly nice to have JUST ONE CHILD when I'm used to being with three! I felt spoiled by the ease of the whole morning.

And this weekend I had the pleasure of dining out with JUST DEAN, the middle child, who is now 4 yrs old. Yesterday, Daddy took JUST DREW to the beach where they enjoyed swimming, surfing, and hanging out...sans siblings. So, everyone got their turn this weekend :) We try to be fair; we try to be in tune with what each child needs and when they need it. It's a lot of work...and it means my hubby and I spent a few hours apart on both Saturday and Sunday ~ which is typically our time to enjoy each other as well as the kids. BUT, it was worth it. Worth it to make each child feel important. And we all hung out together last night at a friend's house; and hubby & I spent quality time together after they went to bed. I'd say it was a win-win-win-win-win...all around!