Friday, May 26, 2006

Lots of News

Well, it's been a while since my last post so I'll include the latest Kardos news...

Bye Bye Mommy & Daddy
Drew wasn't the slightest bit fazed by our trip to Florida. He stayed behind with Grandma and was a little angel. Meanwhile, mommy and daddy kept looking at the mini photo album they brought on their vacation. Many moments were spent thinking of Drew and missing him terribly. We were in Ft. Lauderdale for Jim and Lori's wedding - which was great fun. It was nice to have some alone time as a couple, but the little guy is such a huge part of our lives that it was hard to be without him for FOUR days. Somehow we all survived, but next time I'd like to take him with us :)

I got a TOOTH!
It seems only natural, according to Kardos Law, that Drew would get his first tooth while we were away. Alas, so it happened...and his new bottom tooth is pearly white and happy to be free from the gum restraints! I know there are others fighting their way through. Any moment they will surface! Let the real eating begin!

I'll take the chicken with a side of peas, please.
Drew and I had lunch with Mama at Papa Razzi this past Thursday. Not only did he sit in the high chair, but he ate lunch like a big boy. I ordered a salad with grilled chicken, from which he ate one strip of chicken cut into little pieces. He also had green peas (his favorite! I buy the frozen organic peas and leave them in the fridge. A very easy snack.), blueberries, and kix (our favorite cereal). He did so well and caught the eye of many ladies in the restaurant. Such a flirt!

I can brush my own hair!
Tonight, much to my shock, Drew began brushing his own hair! It began as a "typical" evening...a nice dinner, a warm bath, pjs. Then I put him on his playmat, brushed his hair (so it would dry nicely for tomorrow - big day!), and began reading a book. Suddenly, the brush is in Drew's hand and my little man is brushing his own hair. He even did the sweeping strokes across his line with his hair's natural tendency of course. So adorable. He actually put the brush down and picked it up later to do it again. Same strokes. He loved it. So proud of himself - big smile on his face. He's amazing really. He'll copy everything and anything. He learns so easily. I love this guy!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What did we learn today?

It seems like nearly every day Drew is doing something new. Part of me finds it so incredibly exciting...and part of me sees how quickly he is "growing up" and could cry. I love my baby! After much modeling by mama and dada, he has learned to put his roll-a-rounds into the dinosaur by himself. I can't believe it! He's really improving his hand-eye coordination...what's next, football?!? Now, don't get me wrong, he doesn't get it in every time. Occassionally the ball goes over the top, or onto the slide, but he knows what he's doing and is often right on.

Drew has also learned to DANCE! This involves simply moving the torso and head, but it is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. He is certainly a fan of music (his favorite being Laurie Berkner) and we've always enjoyed dancing through the living room and kitchen together. While I'd hold him in my arms and spin around, I would imagine his wedding day...and us dancing together then. I'd tell him of these magical moments and we'd laugh. Ahh, yes. Magical moments. Well, now Drew is dancing on his own. He stands at his leapfrog learning table and boogies. Gotta love it. I actually managed to catch a brief boogy moment on video yesterday!

What's next? I have a feeling he'll be pulling up soon (now he only gets half-way before going back down); he might crawl...or he shows a great desire to move; and maybe he'll learn to wave or blow kisses. I'm still waiting on that. Regardless of what he learns today or tomorrow, the fact is he is learning something every day and changing so quickly. There is nothing I can do to slow down I will sit in awe and wonder of my little boy. I will applaud every new trick and let him know how very proud of him I am.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mamamama's Day

My first mother's day as a mother was wonderful. Drew began saying "mamamama" which is beautiful to hear. I'm not quite sure he realizes that I am "mama," but he definitely says it most in my presence and gets quite a cheerful reaction when he does. In addition, he started pulling up AND demonstrating an interest in crawling. Could it be?!? Only time will tell. For now, he's happy standing at his leap-frog learning table...or taking steps with mama and dada.

The McClanaghan clan had brunch at the Casino Room at the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport. Drew behaved incredibly well - especially since he did not have his morning nap (we had a 10am reservation). He charmed all the ladies, especially his great grandma, Mama. She might just be his biggest fan. Drew even had a bit of the brunch himself: fresh fruit, chicken fingers, and mac & cheese were his faves. Not a fan of the pancakes, which he threw on the floor! He prefers when mommy makes them - with blueberries.

It was a very special day. Daddy catered to me all day; and he and Drew gave me beautiful cards. I am a lucky mommy - and very proud of my family!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Drew has learned a new game: peek-a-boo! He throws his arms up over his face (as in this photo) and I'll say, "Where's Drew?" and he'll throw them down, wearing a big smile. And I'll say, "Peek-a-boo! There he is!" He loves it. For some reason he tends to play this often while in his high chair - not so condusive for eating. It's unbelieveably cute so I play along time and time and time again. There is nothing more exciting than seeing that big smile on his face.

Drew is quite a social boy. He talks a LOT (takes after his mommy) and he quickly learns things that grabs the attention of others, like clapping and peek-a-boo. Crawling? Forget about it. He engages mommy and daddy in play so he has little need for crawling. Drew does have a flirty smile, which the ladies love, and he has always been pretty good with strangers. He is a people-person; and it's really fun to see this personality emerge.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Did you know it was teacher appreciation week?
I stumbled across this quote today and thought it appropriate to share:
"It is more important to keep alive and glowing the interest in finding out and to support this interest with skills and techniques related to the process of finding out than to specify any particular piece of subject matter as inviolate. "

Dorothy H. Cohen
This reminds us of the importance of the process of learning. Students should be encouraged to wonder, to question, to challenge.

And below is a Chinese proverb appropriate for this occassion as well:
Personal example carries more weight than preaching.
I continue to remind myself of this. I do believe one must lead through example and it is often very difficult. For example, I continue to make Drew very healthy meals and stress the importance of his well-balanced diet. I make fruits & veggies for him and feed him with great enthusiasm. However, I cannot commit to such a nutritious lifestyle myself. I know very soon he will realize I am eating something sweet and ask for it. I keep saying I have time to clean up my bad habits, but that time is dwindling away. It is much harder to commit myself to good habits, but if they are to be accepted by Drew they must first be accepted by me.

Monday, May 08, 2006


We finally had Drew baptized. I say finally because traditionally babies were baptized when they were a few weeks opposed to a few months old. I heard a tale that women weren't supposed to bring their babies out in public until after the baptism. I suppose that was in case anything tragic might occur. Funny how times have changed. (Too bad the church isn't changing as well.) Anyway, the ceremony went well .. and the party was even better. The weather cooperated - thank God - and many of us enjoyed sitting outside, taking in the warm rays of the Spring sunshine. I am grateful to those who joined us in this celebration; and honored that Alan and Tiffany are Drew's godparents.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Is this a sign?

Drew has become quite the attention grabber lately with his new talent: clapping. We can't let go of our gigantic smiles when those two tiny hands come together. He's also learned to hold his own sippy cup. In one sitting he'll drink almost an entire cup of "juice" (it's 75% water, but don't let him know of my secret deception). Now I do still use my learned signs for "milk", "more", and "food" with every meal. Lately I've noticed him clapping while I am feeding him solids. After each bite he'll pull his little hands together repeatedly...until the next spoonful comes his way. He gets so excited! He loves to eat. Could it be that he has already learned "more" and just has the sign a little mixed up? I'd like to think so. I feel he is communicating with me and I like that! Actually I think he is a very good communicator...but if he is smart enough to be signing already I think he might just be a genius too!

For the birds...

I find myself watching "Bringing Home Baby" on TLC and I think the newborn stage is for the birds. I remember when Drew was a newborn baby and other people were so fascinated by him. Some would say that seeing him made them want to have another baby. It has the opposite effect for me! Although Drew was a cutie pie (yes, even from birth!), it was really difficult in the beginning. I can only hope our second child will not be such a colicky baby.