Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekends ROCK!

I love family time. This weekend we decided to finally get the zoo membership...I'm so excited about it. We met some friends at the zoo, visited the animals, had a picnic, let the boys jump in the bouncy house, rode the carosel, and played at the Hasbro Playground.
Roger Williams Park has it all!!
(Left: Drew & Lucian with their Daddies)
(Right: The Ferreira family - Mel, Miguel, Max, and Maizy)

Monday, April 21, 2008


HE SAID IT! Mama...Mama...Mama. Repeatedly. He's said it once or twice before. Granted he's always beyond exhaustion when uttering those words, but I'll take it! And today he said "Mama" after his nap while waiting for me to come upstairs. How exciting!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


There is nothing better than living 10 minutes from the beach. Seriously. Nothing better. And we have niiiiiiice beaches here.
So, how else would one expect to spend a 75 degree Saturday?

We decided to pack up and head to Galilee. We spent much of the afternoon at Salty Brine soaking up the warm rays of the sun, eating lunch, building castles, and letting our feet feel the cool ocean (or in Drew's case - his entire body). It was fantastic. I've decided perhaps life in New England isn't so bad. With the cold winter behind us, I can know bask in the beauty of the north east: fabulous Spring weather, flowering, plethora of playgrounds and parks...soon to become delightful summer days spent on the beach or boating or even strolling cobblestone streets in a quaint village. Ahhhh...New England.
My how the weather can change everything!
So, here's the day in a nutshell.
Load kids with sunscreen...release them...Play...

Get soaked - change into new diaper and Mommy's fleece, eat icecream...NAP!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Boys at Play

The boys have begun talking to one another. Fortunately Drew understands Dean's language. They play so well together that I have time to sit back and blog :) Here's a sample of the activity here at home...

First Spring BBQ

What a treat - 70 degree weather and lots of sunshine.
Of course we had to dine outside last night.
I looooooove it!
Daddy was a proud chef...
Dean tried ground turkey for the first time...
and Drew frolicked in grass without shoes.
Ahhhh...the joys of Spring!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our first family vacation

While I seem to lack sufficient time to blog about our trip to Florida, I do want to share a few videos. Overall, the trip was a huge success. It really felt like a vacation - and I so enjoyed the family time!

The first video is of Drew at The Florida Aquarium.

The second video is Drew at the water-play area outside of the museum. This might have been the trip highlight. He loved playing in the water fountains!

And finally, some fun at the hotel pool!

There's nothing like good friends

Monday, April 14, 2008

ER # 1

We had our first visit to the emergency room!
(And I am certain it won't be our last)
Here's the story...
12:30pm Mass at St. Bernard's for Dean's baptism
2:00pm Party back at the Kardos abode
4:30pm Drew falls backwards down an entire flight of stairs. He rolls down the first few steps and then slides, head first, to the ground...bumping his head along the way. He lands on the bottom and cries immediately - a good sign. We are able to distract him relatively easily by setting up GeoTrax for him.
5:00pm Guests leave the party. (It was a good time!)
7:00pm Drew goes to bed (Note: he did not have a nap)
8:00pm Drew wakes up moaning. He is slurring...won't talk to us. He can't stand...falls to floor. Weak. We carry him downstairs. About 20 min. pass and he seems ok. We are ready to head back upstairs when Drew begins slurring again. Moaning. Stumbling. He falls again. "Carry me" he cries. We bring him back to bed.
8:30pm Panic ensues. Calls to my mother...research mild concussion on internet. Page doctor.
9:30pm My mother arrives. We wake Drew. Still seems "out of it." Head to hospital.
10:00pm Arrive at hospital.
10:30pm Drew is returning to alert state...seems better. Begins playing and talking.
10:45pm See doctor. Discuss catscan - exposure to radiation...difficult to keep toddler's still for 30 seconds while in machine. Can't sedate because we need to watch him - effects would resemble those of a concussion. Opt to not perform catscan.
11:00pm Discharge.
11:30pm Home from hospital. Mama, my mother, is up waiting. Decides to sleep over (she has to be at our place to babysit by 8am!).
midnight Bed for everyone! Yikes! But all's well that ends well.

Happy Baptism, Dean!

Dean was baptised on Sunday, April 6th at St. Bernard's Church and Mama & Pop were named his Godparents. The ceremony went surprisingly well! I wouldn't have imagined that Drew and Dean could sit through any sort of mass...quietly. I think I don't give them enough credit sometimes. They were great. And the party back at the house was fun too!
Here are a few fun pics from the special day...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I can't believe...

...that I fall more in love with my boys every day. It seems impossible - but it's true. well the boys play together. It might not last..but then again...maybe it will!!
...that Dean is already 9 months old. Where did this year go?
...that Drew will go to pre-school in September! What will we do without him?!?
...that it's almost summer? YaHOO!
...that I already have baby-envy...and want another one! Am I nuts?!?
...that we're about to take our first family vacation - horray! perfectly content I am. Exhausted. But so happy!