Monday, July 30, 2007

Not all bad...

While there are days like last Thursday, they are not all bad days. The past three days Drew surprised me by being absolutely wonderful. I've discovered what I already knew to be true: Drew needs lots of stimulation and play. Friday we had a playdate with Max & Lili so Drew was entertained and happy. Saturday we went to the "touch-a-truck" event in Warren and played at a nearby playground. That evening friends came over, with a 4 year old girl, and Drew hammed it up - singing, playing, and running around. Sunday we went for a walk at the bike path followed by a visit to the Sprague Playground in Narragansett. Such fun! In the afternoon, we went to the NK Town beach where Drew delighted in getting wet and playing at the little playground. He had such a blast. We exhausted him (and yes, he exhausted us); he slept well and (according to Drew) was "happy!" He didn't cause any trouble, rebel, or act out. Now, if only I could figure out how to keep him SO entertained during the week?!? It really takes two adults to parent two kids. This is my struggle. Any advice?!?


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