Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Did you know it was teacher appreciation week?
I stumbled across this quote today and thought it appropriate to share:
"It is more important to keep alive and glowing the interest in finding out and to support this interest with skills and techniques related to the process of finding out than to specify any particular piece of subject matter as inviolate. "

Dorothy H. Cohen
This reminds us of the importance of the process of learning. Students should be encouraged to wonder, to question, to challenge.

And below is a Chinese proverb appropriate for this occassion as well:
Personal example carries more weight than preaching.
I continue to remind myself of this. I do believe one must lead through example and it is often very difficult. For example, I continue to make Drew very healthy meals and stress the importance of his well-balanced diet. I make fruits & veggies for him and feed him with great enthusiasm. However, I cannot commit to such a nutritious lifestyle myself. I know very soon he will realize I am eating something sweet and ask for it. I keep saying I have time to clean up my bad habits, but that time is dwindling away. It is much harder to commit myself to good habits, but if they are to be accepted by Drew they must first be accepted by me.


At 7:12 PM, Blogger brettnik said...

We've got a double standard going here. Mom and dad drink soda---kids do not. We're the grown-ups. that's life!


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