Friday, May 26, 2006

Lots of News

Well, it's been a while since my last post so I'll include the latest Kardos news...

Bye Bye Mommy & Daddy
Drew wasn't the slightest bit fazed by our trip to Florida. He stayed behind with Grandma and was a little angel. Meanwhile, mommy and daddy kept looking at the mini photo album they brought on their vacation. Many moments were spent thinking of Drew and missing him terribly. We were in Ft. Lauderdale for Jim and Lori's wedding - which was great fun. It was nice to have some alone time as a couple, but the little guy is such a huge part of our lives that it was hard to be without him for FOUR days. Somehow we all survived, but next time I'd like to take him with us :)

I got a TOOTH!
It seems only natural, according to Kardos Law, that Drew would get his first tooth while we were away. Alas, so it happened...and his new bottom tooth is pearly white and happy to be free from the gum restraints! I know there are others fighting their way through. Any moment they will surface! Let the real eating begin!

I'll take the chicken with a side of peas, please.
Drew and I had lunch with Mama at Papa Razzi this past Thursday. Not only did he sit in the high chair, but he ate lunch like a big boy. I ordered a salad with grilled chicken, from which he ate one strip of chicken cut into little pieces. He also had green peas (his favorite! I buy the frozen organic peas and leave them in the fridge. A very easy snack.), blueberries, and kix (our favorite cereal). He did so well and caught the eye of many ladies in the restaurant. Such a flirt!

I can brush my own hair!
Tonight, much to my shock, Drew began brushing his own hair! It began as a "typical" evening...a nice dinner, a warm bath, pjs. Then I put him on his playmat, brushed his hair (so it would dry nicely for tomorrow - big day!), and began reading a book. Suddenly, the brush is in Drew's hand and my little man is brushing his own hair. He even did the sweeping strokes across his line with his hair's natural tendency of course. So adorable. He actually put the brush down and picked it up later to do it again. Same strokes. He loved it. So proud of himself - big smile on his face. He's amazing really. He'll copy everything and anything. He learns so easily. I love this guy!


At 10:27 AM, Blogger brettnik said...

The brushing is so adorable. Try to get a pic of that. I'd love to see it!


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