Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another GOOD day

Drew has been talking endlessly of how he loves my haircut and says he wants a haircut too. So today I took him to Kidz Adventure Cuts. He was in desperate need, but I do hate to see the long curly locks fall to the floor. A week ago I trimmed the back myself (not half bad either), but today our hairdresser Dawn did a stellar job!! I'll post more pics of his cute new-do later this week. I'm proud to say he behaved fabulously - even when the electric clippers came out!

Dean has been impressive too! Not only is he sleeping well at night (last night he slept 13.5 hours with one feeding!), but he's napping great too. He is generally very happy; he talks a lot more; loves to smile at Drew; and enjoys playdates!


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