Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Clean it up!

Doesn't every parent know a "clean-it-up" song? My favorite is the one by Laurie Berkner. We've found that no matter what the situation, whether it be cleaning, brushing teeth, or washing hands, Drew is happy to perform when someone sings joyfully. So, for weeks I've sung my clean-it-up song and together we've put away cars, blocks, and books that dominate our living space. He's so eager to clean now that we don't need the song and he seldom needs my help! He always has my encouragement and praise, and perhaps that is motivation enough. Or maybe, like Mommy, he respects his space and wants to keep it neat. Either way, he pitches in daily and I'm thrilled. He's so good that after each meal he gets down and hands me all the food that has fallen to the floor. (Ok, much of that food was thrown to the floor...) Last night he picked up at least 10 pieces of Easter ham which he had tossed aside. This morning it was slices of melon. After each meal he is released from the grips of his high chair, squats down, and retrieves the left-overs. It's allowed me to worry less when the items fall - and in fact, I try to ignore it all together. We both know who's cleaning it up!


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