Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Preggo Pals

It's so nice having a good of pregnant mom friends to share this second pregnancy with! Last time around I didn't have ANY pregnant friends ( be single in NYC) and I missed that support. It's fun to share experiences, complain of sciatic pain and exhaustion, watch bellies and toddlers grow, plan our nurseries (or lack there of!), talk of baby names and breast feeding, and share lots of laughs! We have a nice group of "second time around" moms; and we've been on this journey together for the last several months. Kelly (see above left) is due Tuesday - the first of the bunch. Me, Wendy (grey shirt above), and Sarah (not pictured) are due in June; and Melanie (to my left above) is due in August. So much to discuss, vent about, rejoice in, and embrace...and so nice to do it together!


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