Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Fun

For some reason, it seems like "parenting" is more fun on the weekends. It could be because Chris is the most amazing husband and father...therefore making everything more enjoyable. And in many ways, he makes everything easier too. He helps me with everything: caring for Drew, cooking, cleaning, playing...I'm so blessed. Well, this past weekend was no exception. We had a blast! After the weekly Saturday swim class (which Daddy and Drew do together), we went out to Java Madness for a late lunch and live music. Drew got his groove on and enjoyed boogying so much that he cried when we had to leave. Just like his father he can't get enough live music! After lunch we took Drew to a playground near the Guild in South Kingstown. Following our playground adventures, we visited Mama and Pop in Bonnet Shores. We took a short walk down to the beach (checking out the recent damage from storms) and back to "Mama's" for dinner. A busy, full day for all of us!

I was taken back to my own childhood while at the playground / park with Drew & Chris. There was this beautiful little bridge and running brook. I showed Drew how to throw sticks into the brook and watch them sail away. Sometimes they were close enough for Daddy to grab - which was really exciting. As a child, I always enjoyed this activity. My house in Cumberland was near a brook and I'd throw a stick on one side of the bridge and eagerly await it's arrival on the other side. It was awesome how my son shared this excitement too. We searched high and low for all the best sticks and found great pleasure in watching them sail away...


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