Monday, April 14, 2008

ER # 1

We had our first visit to the emergency room!
(And I am certain it won't be our last)
Here's the story...
12:30pm Mass at St. Bernard's for Dean's baptism
2:00pm Party back at the Kardos abode
4:30pm Drew falls backwards down an entire flight of stairs. He rolls down the first few steps and then slides, head first, to the ground...bumping his head along the way. He lands on the bottom and cries immediately - a good sign. We are able to distract him relatively easily by setting up GeoTrax for him.
5:00pm Guests leave the party. (It was a good time!)
7:00pm Drew goes to bed (Note: he did not have a nap)
8:00pm Drew wakes up moaning. He is slurring...won't talk to us. He can't stand...falls to floor. Weak. We carry him downstairs. About 20 min. pass and he seems ok. We are ready to head back upstairs when Drew begins slurring again. Moaning. Stumbling. He falls again. "Carry me" he cries. We bring him back to bed.
8:30pm Panic ensues. Calls to my mother...research mild concussion on internet. Page doctor.
9:30pm My mother arrives. We wake Drew. Still seems "out of it." Head to hospital.
10:00pm Arrive at hospital.
10:30pm Drew is returning to alert state...seems better. Begins playing and talking.
10:45pm See doctor. Discuss catscan - exposure to radiation...difficult to keep toddler's still for 30 seconds while in machine. Can't sedate because we need to watch him - effects would resemble those of a concussion. Opt to not perform catscan.
11:00pm Discharge.
11:30pm Home from hospital. Mama, my mother, is up waiting. Decides to sleep over (she has to be at our place to babysit by 8am!).
midnight Bed for everyone! Yikes! But all's well that ends well.


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