Sunday, April 20, 2008


There is nothing better than living 10 minutes from the beach. Seriously. Nothing better. And we have niiiiiiice beaches here.
So, how else would one expect to spend a 75 degree Saturday?

We decided to pack up and head to Galilee. We spent much of the afternoon at Salty Brine soaking up the warm rays of the sun, eating lunch, building castles, and letting our feet feel the cool ocean (or in Drew's case - his entire body). It was fantastic. I've decided perhaps life in New England isn't so bad. With the cold winter behind us, I can know bask in the beauty of the north east: fabulous Spring weather, flowering, plethora of playgrounds and parks...soon to become delightful summer days spent on the beach or boating or even strolling cobblestone streets in a quaint village. Ahhhh...New England.
My how the weather can change everything!
So, here's the day in a nutshell.
Load kids with sunscreen...release them...Play...

Get soaked - change into new diaper and Mommy's fleece, eat icecream...NAP!


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