Sunday, April 05, 2009

Language Explosion?!?

Dean is 21 months and has finally achieved his "Language Explosion" (farewell to my worries!). I think he has about 25 words now which he uses freely and unprompted. I'm so proud of my little peanut. He's such an adorable, petite, silly, loving monkey :)

Here are some of his most frequently used words:

  • Drew (of course!!!)

  • Mama (second only to Drew!)

  • Dada

  • Car (such a BOY!)

  • Car-car (car carrier)

  • Ball

  • Mamoon = Balloon, Moon, or Baboon

  • Yeah/No (with nod included)

  • All done! (one of his earliest phrases)

  • More (while signing please)

  • Up (usually to get onto the couch)

  • Down (while signing down - to get off the couch)

  • Book

  • Thank you

Dean can also identify about 15 body parts and make several animal sounds. And, this is a big change from 18 months, he loves books and puzzles. Much unlike his big brother, he does not like tv shows at all. It thrills me because I try to limit Drew's tv-viewing and we have many battles over shows. Dean also enjoys assembling tracks - or towing cars & trucks. I think he prefers trains to cars (while Drew prefers cars) and he loves hearing and saying "All Aboard!" His favorite outside activity is mowing the lawn (isn't that wonderful?) or being pulled in a wagon :) He's not yet a huge playground fan...probably because those very tall slides intimidate him. He's begun sitting on the potty regularly, but has yet to pee or poop there - even accidentally. He still loves his sleep, can hang out in his crib for hours - even awake, and adores his blankey. He's much more independent these days - both in and out of the home. He will play by himself for long periods (yippee!) but also loves to play with Drew or a friend. He loves entertainment (puppet shows or music performances) but hates to sit still (he's often running up and down the aisles). He continues to be silly (loves to be chased, hide, and laughs a LOT), loving (asks for Mama, Dada, Drew every time he wakes up), and gentle (shares nicely too!). He is such a love...and growing into such an incredible little boy.


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