Tuesday, March 24, 2009

el lunes

Barcelona...a cultural hub filled with people from all over the world. Incredible architecture steals your attention ~ fine details on each building, numerous fountains and statues, monumentous works of art. Here the narrow, winding streets meet a modern edge that welcomes all people to explore and enjoy.

Monday was spent walking to La Sagrada Familia. I had been there when I studied in Spain - in 1995! - and was excited to see the amazing new developments. It was incredible. After enjoying all the intricate details of Gaudi, and learning more of his life & style, we went to Restaurant Saint Joan for lunch. (Another wonderful recommendation from chowhound). We walked back to el Barrio Gotico via pg. Gracia and enjoyed the big center plaza where thousands of pigeons gathered. We met up with La Rambla and found our way to the enormous market place. We bought some cheese, chocolate, ham, bread, fruit, and wine. What more could one need? After a little ciesta (when in Spain...) we went out to hear some live jazz. I could not have been more thrilled with our choice of music venue. We went to Jamboree - it was a dark, cavernous bar underground with exposed brick walls and cool blue lighting. It was a random group of musicians (well, random to us) and they kept inviting new people on stage...rotating the performers. There was a pianist, drummer, bass guitar, and two horn players along with the occassional female vocalist. I loved the singers! We found two bar stools and spent hours listening to the music. Actually, many people were sitting on the floor in front of the stage which we found interesting. Everyone was definitely there for the music - not banter or chit chat. That was cool. Around 1am we headed back to our apartment, ate some late night tapas, and went to bed.

I did some laundry today (yeah!) and somehow accidentally threw my cell phone into the washing machine. UGH. Of course, I haven't used it once and can't imagine how it got mixed in with my clothing. Alas, it did. So, I might be emailing out requests for numbers soon. C'est la vie! Que sera sera!


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