Tuesday, March 24, 2009

el martes

As I write this blog, I am full from just eating a delicious coconut gelato (gelateria can be found just outside our apartment)...after having eaten a delicious hamburger (yes, we strayed from the Spanish cuisine)...after polishing off a bottle of the tastiest sangria I've ever had...after sharing some delicious nachos with Chris. Amigo, that dinner at Princesa 23 in el Born was delicioso!! I was drawn to it by the dim red lighting, fabulous interior, and big comfty couches. I remember telling Chris before we left Rhode Island that we'd be eating and drinking our way through Spain...I wasn't kidding!

Today we got a late start (that's been the "vacation" mode lately...love it!) and began with cafe con leche. The coffee here has definitely been one of the highlights! Then we wandered by the sea to Barceloneta. Chris got his first feel of the Mediterreano and we enjoyed some paella and flan. We walked around the port, saw the statue of Colon (Christopher Columbus was sent to discover the soon-to-be Americas by the king & queen of SPAIN!), and did lots of shopping. Actually, it's less shopping and more window-browsing...you know how it is. I did buy a new pair of shoes today :) and Chris got a torro t-shirt. On our way home we stumbled upon the cathedral of Barcelona. It is quite beautiful and I was just as impressed with the garden area inside as I was with the structure of the building! Overall, a rather mellow day in our Spanish voyage, but a welcomed one. Tomorrow is our last day here and I think we may head to the top of Tibidabo and visit a particular area where the local artisans live/work. I can't believe our vacation is near the end....but I must confess to greatly missing my two little peanuts back home!


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