Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Adios Espana

Our last full day in Barcelona, miercoles, was spent walking and walking and walking (like most days). After our cafe con leche and a bite to eat (I had a "bikini"), we went to Castell de Montjuic. It is a huge fortress on a mountain with lots of amazing views of Barcelona. We took the metro to a tram to a beautiful gondola ride to the top.

After heading back down, we went to Poble Espanol, which is an area that represents all the regions of Spain...kind of like a mini-Spain. There are shops, restaurantes, trees, architecture from each region. It was cute!

After singing many songs sounding like "I've got pain on the heels of my feet." we made our way back to Barrio Gotico for some last minute shopping. We enjoyed a delicious dinner in El Born and TWO jugs of sangria before heading back to the apartment to clean & pack. We were sad to say Adios to Espana but also excited to return home and see our boys!

Thanks to MAMA (and Pop and Mama-mama) the boys did very well without us. We were greeted enthusiastically Thursday night by two cuties in pjs...and my mother, who cried as she said goodbye to the boys. Needless to say, they all enjoyed their time together! A little post-vacation blues struck both Chris & I, but we'll try to keep the travel flame burning...


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