Friday, March 13, 2009

February Fun!

We had quite an exciting month! There has been so much happening...and so little time for blogging. Life with TWO boys is BUSY! I wanted to post an update. Here's the latest:

We had several celebrations for Chris' 35th bday! That's how I like to do things...a month of parties! We had a surprise party for Chris at Tazza Cafe after a couple of family gatherings at home. The kids LOVE birthday parties and Drew helped make Daddy's special ice-cream birthday cake!

During February vacation week, Nicole and I took all 4 kids to the Biomes. It's a small, hands-on aquarium with lots of touch tanks, turtles, starfish, mini sharks, snakes, and lots of sea creatures! The boys loved it! What was most surprising to me was how Dean became Mr. Independent! Drew, Diego, and Layla kind of stuck together - but Dean was running off on his own, facinated with all the touchable creatures, and refused to be held! It was a beautiful day and following our biomes visit we hit the playground. Oh, how I can't wait for Spring!

The NK Library had a puppeteer come (FREE!) and we brought the boys. What a way to spend a Friday night, eh? Well, they loved it! Drew was facinated with the puppets and Dean...well, Dean was facinated with running around the library :)

Chris & Dan took Drew & Trent (a boys' night!) to see the monster trucks at the civic center! I'm not sure who liked it more - the dads or the boys - but I think a good time was had by ALL!!

Drew and Alex have been amazing at entertaining themselves for hours in Alex's basement playroom. This has allowed for mama-friends, Kathy & me, to quietly sip tea, cuddle with Kyle, and enjoy adult conversation. Yahoo! And Dean, my superstar, either plays with the big kids or sleeps peacefully upstairs. Good times!


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