Friday, March 20, 2009

el viernes

Our day began with a mad rush to the Atocha train station in hopes of catching the 11am train to Toledo. Upon arrival we realized the old city was more popular than we realized, and all trains were booked through 2pm. Alas, I wasn't too disappointed as I hoped for another relaxing day in Madrid (sorry Chris!). So we ventured to the Plaza Mayor for some cafe con leche and tapas. We stopped along the way to buy some juguetes for the kids (cars and dinosaurs - what else?!?) and took WAY too many fotos. After our relaxing brunch, we decided to conquer the city by foot! We went to the Palacio Royal and enjoyed local artists, street performers, and shops along the way. Finally, we made our way to the Parque Retiro with some jamon, queso, y pan. It was a beautiful day in the park! The weather has been incredible - trees are budding with new leaves and flowers, children are playing, and everyone is strolling the streets. Spring is here and we are loving it!

Despite the fact that we didn't get our meals right today (some disappointing tortilla espanola...our lunch did not include manchego cheese OR vino...and we didn't have time for paella YET), we had lots of fun exploring the city. Best of all, we LOVED the flamenco show this evening. We went to Casa Patas, which was near our hotel, and enjoyed the music, the dancing, the tapas, and the sangria!

After another quick bite and some local brewed organic beer, we found ourselves back at the hotel around be greeted by a note from Belen. She came to meet us at our rooftop bar, but we missed her! Our plan is to meet up tomorrow for dinner around 9pm. (You have to love the Spanish "schedule"!) So, here we are...raging party one floor above, and I'm in here blogging...and ready for bed. Tomorrow is another day. We've had a good amount of sangria y cerveza...necesito dormir porque vamos a explorar (y ir de compras) manana.

Buenas noches!


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