Sunday, March 22, 2009

el domingo

It's hard to keep track of the days when you're on vacation, isn't it?

Well, today we left Madrid...but not until experiencing el Rastro! While we didn't take advantage of the shopping quite as I had hoped, it was fun and I did buy a cute little wallet and an art piece for the coffee table :) And, of course, our shopping was immediately followed by cafe con leche, which we are determined to make at home...delicioso, and some churros con chocolate. We were sad to leave our incredible hotel (which we are sure to mention in every conversation about Madrid!), but I will say, our apt. in Barcelona is not too shabby! Yes, we have un apartamento!

Oops...let me back-track a little. Last night we went out with Belen, Batisto, and Janis. They took us to a typical Andalucian bar where they only serve Jerez wine. Belen is actually from Granada, a bit more south in Andalucia, so she insisted we experience things typical from her region of Spain. (Side note: might I add that her boyfriend of 7 years, Batisto, is from France and her friend Janis is from Venezuela...and they all met/lived in Paris for 10 years!) So, we drank this vino, which was not particularly my favorite, but I am open to new things, and we ate some tuna seco. Dried tuna. As in tuna fish. Weird! It was like a leather strip made of raw tuna. Hmmm. So, a cultural experience, yes. One to be replicated in the near future? Not likely.

They also took us to an amazing little bar with delicious tapas....ah, tapas! These I will be trying to make at home :) Who's coming over for tapas y vino next week???

So...Barcelona. We arrived, by plane, this afternoon and we came to our new home. It's beautiful! (Pictures coming soon!) We are very well located too - just off Las Ramblas, in the Barrio Gotico. After getting settled a bit, we went to Born for some dinner at Restaurante Morelia. Everything was amazing! Our walk home was more like a stroll through narrow, cobble-stone streets with ancient buildings and modern bars/shops throughout. It's a great mix of old and new. We got back "home" and did a video call with the kids! Such fun. Drew was so excited; and even Dean seemed to get it: waving at the camera! So cute. I think in a way it does make me miss them more, but knowing they are with Mama and Pop and Mama-mama helps me relax a bit. They are having fun. This week they've spent time at the playground, walking to the beach, going out for ice cream, visiting the windmill, riding on a tractor, exploring the biomes...yes, they're happy! And we're enjoying this adult opportunity to re-connect as friends, explore the world around us, ignite new interests & passions, and feel young again. I guess we're re-connecting with ourselves too! It's been an amazing vacation. And while I look forward to the days ahead...I can also say I look forward to going home - to our home - too!


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