Tuesday, February 03, 2009


It's been a while since my last Dean update; and there's quite a bit to report! First of all, it's no surprise that Dean, the second (ie. neglected, ignored, deprived) child, was a bit late to walk...and now a bit late to talk. Not "late" by any doctor's standards, but late by mine. He didn't start walking on his own til about 15 months, although he cruised along furniture for quite a while. I think it was the chaos of Drew that kept him holding onto the furniture. Drew runs around like a tornado and Dean was surely aware that he'd be knocked down. So, he waited until he was sure he could handle the speedy toddler. It's a well-known fact that "late" walkers are usually "late" talkers so I wasn't surprised when at 18 months Dean didn't have the lengthy list of spoken words that Drew had at that time. (Poor, poor second child!) However, at the old age of 19 months Dean's vocabulary is advancing and I'm proud to give the following report...

Dean's Words: Mama, Mama-mama, Dada, Drew, up, all-done, more (while signing please), tickle-tickle, that (while pointing), cheese (when taking his picture...won't say it for the food which he loves!)

Dean's Signs
: hi, bye, blowing kisses, all done, please

Dean's Animal Sounds: cow, dog, horse, elephant, monkey, cat, dinosaurs, lions, owl

Dean's Favorite Songs: Wheels on the Bus, ABC, Twinkle-Twinkle, Laurie's Got a Pig on Her Head, If You're Happy and You Know It, Dina Blow Your Horn, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Dean's Favorite Activities: playing trucks & cars (and he makes a mean engine sound), trains, sweeping...he's so helpful!, shape sorting, reading books, playing with animals, ambulences, fire engines, police cars (loves to make siren noises too), painting, making music - piano, drum, maracas, climbing, sliding, ball popper, tj bearytales, dancing, any toy that makes music, EATING!

He's really a little toddler now and so much fun! He's relaxed, easy-going, silly, loves to play, hates TV, wants to know more, and loves his family. He definitely lets us know when he's not happy about something, but most of the time he's happy to go with the flow. Most of all, he can usually be found wearing a smile and showing affection. He's a real lover...


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