Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Super Nanny ME!

Every parent watches the Super Nanny. How can you not? Joe works with some of the most wild, untamed, ill-mannered, loud children and creates harmoneous homes filled with love. Right? Sure...

Well, we needed a bit of the Super Nanny tough love to ease our bedtime battles. SO...super nanny ME to the rescue. Drew has been getting out of his bed (and prior to that his crib) for weeks now...maybe months?!? It's been a nightmare. He just keeps coming out of his room and is found either wandering the halls, creeping down the stairs, playing with chapstick, hiding, or giggling in delight. He's so pleased with himself. And every night we have the same talk...where Drew says: I'm not going to get out of my room tonight. I'm going to stay in my bed. And night after night after night he does not keep to the promise.

What have we tried so far?

We have tried talking nicely, getting angry, making threats (even threatening to take away his lovie Bubby!), following through on threats (bye bye Bubbie), locking his door from the outside (yes, I confess...we've locked him in a few times), and creating a rewards chart (which failed miserably). So tonight, we tried the Super Nanny approach.

We began at 7:28pm with lights out...good night Drew...we love you. Door closed. We nominated ME as the one to take care of business tonight. Drew came out immediately, I followed him to bed & put the covers back on then left the room, closing the door behind me. Repeat. Repeat Again. And again. Repeat 50 more times. In the meantime, Drew began jumping off the bed to run to the door; he slammed the door open to create a loud noise (and snickered!); he stumbled; he bumped his head against the wall when jumping back into bed; he laughed; he groaned; he sang; he winced. And ultimately...he fell asleep. 40 minutes later. Not bad, eh? ARE YOU FOLLOWING THIS?? Super Nanny wasn't lying! It worked!!

I'll let you know how tomorrow goes. Daddy's on duty :)


At 9:19 PM, Anonymous Heather J said...

That is Awesome Kristen!! Way to go..I may have to try that too! :)

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Cheris said...

Tough mama! Rock on!
In retrospect, I wonder if our bribery.. ahem... rewards chart worked well because Violet lost her nap about the same time. Is Drew still hanging on to it?


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