Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Night Two

Well, let me begin by saying last night got more complicated than my previous post reflects. Drew woke up at 1:58am and was out of his bed 8 times before 3:30am. A nightmare! So, lack of sleep was strangling me all morning so that I could barely breathe never mind play. UGH.

The good news is I put him down at 1:30pm for a nap and he slept til 4:30!! We all did. Ahhh...peace.

Not only did he do remarkably well at naptime (he never left the bedroom!!) but he was awesome tonight too! He came out 3 times and was asleep within 30 minutes (even after the great nap).

I'm thinking better nights lie ahead! Yippee! Go Super Nanny!


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