Saturday, June 30, 2007

One Week Old

Our new family is one week old today. Things are going pretty well so far! I've got several things working in my favor: Chris is still home from work and able to entertain Drew a LOT; when Dean is not nursing he's sleeping; Drew is still thrilled to have "Baby Dean!" here - the novelty has not yet worn off. When all three begin to change, so might my feelings of contentment and calmness.

It's a lot easier the second time around. Everyone keeps is it with two? how is it different? was it harder to go from zero to one, or one to two? For me, going from one to two has been easier. My maternal instincts were immediate as well as my adoration of Dean. There isn't as much of a life change...I'm already a mom; I have lots of mom friends and support; I know how to create a schedule and juggle within it. I can be structured and flexible at the same time.

Amazingly the lack of sleep has also been manageable. Dean wakes about every two hours to be fed & changed and then he returns to slumber...sometimes on top of my sweet. He loves to cuddle! I try to lay down during Drew's nap and catch a little shut-eye. Seems to be working so far.

With the jaundice behind us and Dean continuing to nurse like a champ, my biggest concern has been for Drew. I'm trying to look at everything through the lens of my toddler. I want him to continue to feel secure in our relationship and love. I am making great effort to give him my undivided attention when possible. In exchange, I'm teaching him to be patient when I'm unable to respond immediately. It's easy with Daddy around...let's see if I'm singing a different tune in the weeks ahead.

Dean is already quite different from Drew. He's nursing well, sleeping well, and fussing little. Drew had awful colic and was unconsolible from the start. They look a lot alike only Drew was born weighing over a pound more than Dean. I'm curious to see how they'll grow to be both similar and different.

(Left: Drew at birth; Right: Dean at birth)

Today we had our first family outing. We went to Wilson Park for about 40 minutes. I'm thrilled that we made it out of the house (Daddy's been having lots of fun with Drew, but we've been staying in!). I can't wait til I feel comfortable and confident to go on playdates with both kids by myself.
In due due time.


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