Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pregnancy Update

I haven't written much about my pregnancy. Perhaps it's because it lies in the shadow of my enthusiastic, attention-grabbing toddler...or perhaps it's because I carry on as if I'm not really pregnant at all. This second pregnancy is much like the first; I can't complain too much. I had a relatively easy first trimester - lacking the expected morning sickness which can accompany the hormone changes, a typical second trimester - planning ahead and embracing the ease of our current lives, and a well, rather rocky third trimester - filled with colds, viruses, ever-expanding belly, exhaustion, and fatigue. Not too bad, right?

Today I am 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant. My due date remains one month and two days beyond my present and I wonder if I will make it that much longer. Aside from the peeing sensation which strikes every four to five minutes...or the deep aching that follows a good meal...or the gasping for breath which accompanies a walk up the stairs, I feel good! I've begun my "nesting" (did I ever really stop?) and I'm focused on having a clean, organized space for the baby - and mommy. I'm (im)patiently awaiting the first signs of labor: a dropped belly, contractions, breaking water...anything! I can't imagine this giant inside me can hold out for four more weeks, and I'm not sure I can either. I've been measuring "big" this whole pregnancy (ok, I measured big with Drew too), but it has me convinced I'll deliver early. Only time will tell...

So, the pregnancy is going well. I do love to feel my second child swim and hiccup inside me! I love the excitement of what is to come (and I fear it as well!). But every time I look at Drew, I realize that the aches, exhaustion, added weight, and sacrifice are all worth it. Pretty soon I'll have a second little love bug to brighten my world!


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