Friday, June 08, 2007

Amazing Mom

Anyone that has ever met my mom would agree: She is amazing. Never have I met a more selfless, thoughtful, affectionate, generous, kind person. Her only flaw might be that she cares too much! She puts everyone before herself. Being her daughter, and recipient of much generosity & kindness, I love her giving nature. If I am feeling sick, tired, or stressed, she will immediately come to the rescue - whether she relieves me of mommy duties for a while, makes chicken soup, cleans, or just lends a listening ear. She always wants to help.
One of the things I most appreciate is how she is as a grandmother. She enjoys enjoying Drew! She has taken him to library story hours, music classes, playgrounds, beaches...and loves to play. She is so active and full of energy! And she's created a second home for him in Bonnet Shores. If you visited, you'd think SHE had a toddler! There are as many toys for him there (and crib, clothing, bath toys, etc) as there are here.
What I value most is how much she respects me as a parent. She does a fabulous job of reflecting my parenting style. She follows the limits I set; engages in the same kind of play; feeds him the same healthy foods; maintains the schedule we've established; and showers Drew with love. She embraces the structures I've implemented and supports my goals. I take parenting seriously - it's the most important job I'll ever have - and she appreciates that.
So, when planning the arrival of baby # 2 my mom asked me: What are the rules? She wants me to decide what Chris, Drew, and I need. She wants to give us the space to bond as a family, but wants to be there as a support in whatever capacity I need her. She is the reason we moved to Rhode Island...and the reason why I can feel confident having this baby. I know I have her support. She is amazing. And I know you won't find anyone who disagrees!


At 11:30 AM, Anonymous Julie Cap said...

Congratulations Kristen! Your babies are gorgeous! I just wanted to let you know that I also love your mom and really miss her here at work..Your mom is undoubtedly one of the reasons I was able to be a good mom when I had my babies..having her for a boss was a godsend - she just knew and understood everything, and I can truly say that my girls are what they are because I was always there for them, going to every school event, just everything they needed me for..they are now 11 (almost 12)and 15, and are the best kids around..they are both straight A students, and other then the usual sibling fighting now and then (you'll come to those days soon enough, haha)they are great kids..You are lucky to have Janice for a mom, and your kids are also blessed to have her for a grandmother..well, enjoy your baby sounds trite and corny, but these times really do go by so fast..I always made sure to enjoy, and you seem like you do as well..have a great summer! Julie Cap


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