Thursday, June 21, 2007

Still preggers...

My due date of June 15th has come and gone; and here I sit still pregnant, enjoying the silence of Drew's naptime. Fortunately I still feel good so Drew and I are running about the state playing with friends. Some days we have two or three dates! Every day is the "last day" so I've been trying to fill Drew's days with lots of friends & fun.

This past weekend we went for brunch Satuday and then took Drew to Bonnet Beach. He LOVES the beach. In the afternoon, we went to the Strawberry Festival at Smith's Castle - a historic home on the water with lots of folks in costume from the 1600s. We went out for pizza afterwards ... suggested to help start contractions (didn't work for me!). On Sunday, we went to Jamestown for some kite flying at Beavertail (near the lighthouse) and walked along the cliff. Then we went to the playground and shared Dels Lemonade (Drew's first - a big RI tradition). We met up with my family (and Tiffany's parents) at my mom's house for a big father's day BBQ Sunday evening. Steaks on the grill and way too much food. It was fun!

This week we've been to Wilson Park, the imPOSSIBLE Dream playground, the playground on Boone Street, and Humboldt Park. We've walked along the ocean in Narragansett, throughout Bonnet Shores, along the path at Goddard Park, and the bike path in Kingston. (I'm hoping the walking is going to help move things along...again, not working!)

So, despite the fact that I'm still cookin' this baby - things are going well. We're keeping busy and having fun! Tomorrow morning I go back to the obgyn for a non-stress test, an ultrasound, and to see if my cervix has softened at all. It seems that if all is well, I'll be induced on Monday. I'm a bit anxious about that, but if it's in the best interest of my baby (and me!) then I'll comply. The tentative plan is that I'll go to the hospital Sunday night and they'll apply a cervix gel. I hope this will be enough for me to really dialate and progress at home. Monday morning I'll be scheduled to return for a pitocin drip. Having experienced such a long, slow labor with Drew, my biggest concern is that it'll take me a while to get to 10cm dialated - and I'll be encouraged to have a c-section. I hope to stay strong and active during the early stages of labor and resist the section offer if proposed. However, I now acknowledge I have absolutely no control over what is to come. If I had any control at all, this baby would already be here! I've tried everything. So, now I'm just trying to be patient, have fun with Drew, and go-with-the-flow. Baby Kardos will be here soon enough.


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