Wednesday, May 09, 2007

21 month update

For the most part, Drew repeats everything & anything - and does so quite well. However, there are a few words that only a mommy would understand. Below is a "word key" to understanding Drew's secret language.

Ani, Amy, OpAn = open
Wawa = water
Tata = pasta
Papoo = playdough
Gucky = ducky
Bubby = buddy, his lovey
k? = I'm okay
Re-re = raisin
Ari = orange
Ali -n- Kahki = Alex and Kathy (his best friend and her mama!)

Otherwise, he's really easy to understand! He says more words than I can count, but I'll list a few "newer" words: inside/outside, walk, wheat, corn, carrot, berries, egg, cloud, apple, teeth, boo-boo, flower, necklace, play, jacket, coat, jeans, push, bread, rain, color, moon, bubbles ....

He doesn't have too many sentences under his belt, but lots of two and three word combos are popping up. He still likes to say "I really like caaaaarrs!" and now he can ask "Where'd Pop go?" (Or daddy, buddy, etc.) He's making progress every day!

Other than playing at the playground, Drew's favorite activity is still organizing his cars! He loves to push them, line them up, and take them in and out of their truck holder. More than anything he loves to see the people he of his list would be Ali & Kahki. They might even trump Mommy, Dada, and Mama! He also likes to read - a new favorite is "Pajama Time" by Sandra Boyton. He loves wooden puzzles (and has mastered most of them) especially those by Melissa & Doug. His favorite musician is still Laurie Berkner, but he'll clap, sing, stomp, spin, or dance to just about anyone! The "show" he most enjoys (yes, he watches television...have I failed as a mother?) is the "Baby MacDonald" DVD by Baby Einstein. He finds the puppets hilarious, likes being able to predict what's coming next, and loves animals!

At 21 months, Drew is preparing to be a BIG brother. He tends to his baby: feeds him, sits him in the chair or on the couch, holds him gently, puts baby on mommy's lap when she reads a book, and gives him kisses. Sweet! He likes to give hugs - but don't hold him any longer than he holds you! The nice thing is that he's quite fair...and gives hugs to everyone in the room! Another bit of progress, Drew can wash his own hair! He also brushes his own teeth quite well (with his electric spider-man toothbrush). He likes to be clean - like mommy - and even likes his space clean too. A couple of weeks ago he took all of dada's dirty laundry off the floor and put it in the laundry basket! I fell in love with him all over again :)


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