Monday, June 18, 2007

Bitter-sweet...and just plain sweet

Baby Kardos hasn't arrived yet. I've had lots of time to think about this baby and what its arrival will mean for our family. It's bittersweet in many ways. I'm thrilled for Drew to be a big brother - and I think he'll be a great role model with lots of love for his little sibling - and I'm excited to be a Mom again! This new baby brings something new to our world which excites me, but it also brings the end of a fabulous time in my life. For nearly two years we've been a family of three; and most of my days have been "Drew & Mommy days." I've enjoyed spending this time with Drew: watching him grow, teaching him songs, letters, how to color, or play music, bringing him to playdates & playgrounds. I have enjoyed him more in these last few months than I ever knew I could! I'm so proud of the boy he has become and I love him so much. I want to cry...partly because he's so amazing...partly because I'm so afraid to loose these special moments that I so very much appreciate. I can only hope this foundation is strong enough (or that we as parents are good enough) to sustain the major transition we're about to face...and that he'll continue to be so wonderful. I do believe siblings make a family a family. I am sure he'll enjoy being a big brother. He's loving, generous, kind, and sweet. He shares nicely with his friends and loves others easily.
I just hope I have the ability to be a good mom to TWO kids. Alas, this is the end of something...and the beginning of something new. Both make me want to cry. A bit of sadness, a bit of joy. Can't we just have this baby and end this waiting?!?


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I think it's wonderful that your logging this chapter in your life. As I told you just the other day, your an inspiration to those of us who have wondered whether or not to consider trying for baby #2! I know that you'll be a success with this new baby because your a great mother already to Drew. Can't wait to meet baby Kardos! Take care.



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