Friday, April 29, 2011


Although I have been floating in a sea of sadness since the loss of my grandmother, there are still moments of joy in each day. One of the greatest joys is my own Melia Joy, who is a happy, playful toddler! She has become quite a big girl and loves being outside, climbing & running, playing alongside her brothers, and having fun! The weather, too, has brough some happiness our way. We are hiking, walking on the bike path, playing at playgrounds, eating at picnic tables, and enjoying fresh air!

Melia cracks me up too! About a week ago we went for a hike - which lasted about 1.5 hours - of which Melia walked ONE HOUR! I wore my Ergo the whole time, assuming she wouldn't last long walking, but my high energy girl kept on going (just holding my avoid stumbling on tree roots). When we finally got back to the car, and she was set down from the carrier, she ran back into the woods! She, of all three children, is usually the one to complain (cry) when we leave a playground, when it's time to come inside for dinner, or when it's raining and we just can't play outside. Actually, every morning when we drop off Dean, Melia points to his school playground and begs to go play! I assure her we will play after we pick up Dean, but this doesn't comfort her much. She wants to play: always! It's kind of an endearing quality. I love her high energy, desire to be outside playing, and her adventurous spirit!

At the age of 5 1/2, Drew has become much more affectionate and loving. He's been more cuddly lately; and I love it! Dean is still too busy for me to hold him long, but I'm confident he'll come around with age too :) Drew is also READING - seriously reading. He's way beyond sounding out 3-letter words and constantly impresses me. This morning he was reading the milk container: StonyField - Big word! He also writes, adds, talks about dinosaur characteristics/habitats/outerspace with confidence in his knowledge. He amazes me.

Dean is emerging from his shell. It took him 2 weeks to utter a sound at preschool this Fall, and this week his teacher said she now has to ask him to be quiet and give other students a turn in morning circle. Apparently, like his big brother, he likes to set the facts straight ~ especially during the calendar/weather talk. I can see him now: No! It's not cloudy outside, it's sunny! See! (pointing to the window) I have two little know it alls (soon to be three), but their confidence is not a bad thing.

So, while the kids may cause chaos on a daily basis, they are also the HIGHLIGHT of my every day...and life.


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