Monday, April 04, 2011

15 months - Melia

My sweet Melia is blossoming! She has a playful sense of humor. She follows direction like nobody's business. She's walking, climbing, running, throwing balls, trying to dress herself (without success), self-feeding, and talking! She's got quite a few words now: bye, hi, daddy, cheese, please, shoes, go, hot, dean, up, off, and bobby (who knows WHY but I'm often referred to by this name!). She loves hugging, cuddling, reading books, playing with trucks, cars, dolls, tricycles, swings, slides, playing ball. She is helpful with cleaning up, taking things out of the dishwasher, cleaning up spills, and sweeping ;) Her favorite foods are pasta (like mommy), salad, breads, melon, squash, pees, bananas... She's often teasing Dean or laughing at Drew. All of the kids are so affectionate and playful with one another! It's been great fun seeing her true, happy self emerge. Tomorrow she goes for her 1-year well visit 3 months late. I delayed the visit because I don't want to give her shots! I still don't - may bail out tomorrow. Anyway, I am still grateful every day for such an incredible blessing. She is a delightful little girl!


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