Sunday, April 24, 2011

in this moment

in this moment
where wind chimes sing
soft breezes
the wind will bring
i think of you
as you are here
in my heart
forever dear

in this moment
driving in my car
children noises
sound so far
my mind wanders
to thoughts of you
as tears fall
our love was true

in this moment
out in my yard
that tree now blossoming
a memory jarred
sitting in my car
you said to me
"How beautiful!"
now a memory

in this moment
song in my head
"thank you
for being a friend"
a show we watched
i bought you the dvd
i'll sing out loud
and remember thee

in this moment
while at the zoo
i find myself
thinking of you
your compliments
things you said
always running
through my head

in every moment
thoughts of you
how would you respond?
what would you do?
the answers i know
they're in my heart
where you now reside
lest we be apart

i hope one day
to embrace you again
to laugh and love you
releasing the pain
i miss you, i miss you
i miss you so much
i long for one moment
to feel your touch
your warm arms
pulling me in
i can't believe
how long it's been

in this moment
right now, the one we are in
i'm thinking of you
where to begin?
i miss you, i love you
i'm holding you close
i'm making you proud
and i suppose...
i'm working on letting you go
just a bit
i know you'd want that
so i'll sit and i'll knit
and i'll smile deep inside
you know the kind I mean?
and i'll hold my babies:
melia, drew, and dean
and i'll love them as hard
as you loved me
and i'll be grateful
for eternity
for this blessed life
bestowed upon me
and most of all -
for my family

mama, i miss you each and every day...and while my heart still hurt with loss, it is also filled with joy and love. thank you.


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