Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Love New York!

I love love love NYC so it was really exciting to bring the kids to the city this past weekend. Chris & I spent 6 years in NY together...and it's where our love grew, where we got engaged, began our life as a married couple, and made our first baby. In addition to all that, I am a true traveler at heart...and the diversity of people & experiences which NYC offers ignites my soul! I love the hustle and bustle, the cafes & restaurants, the museums, the people, the organized chaos :) I would love to find myself living in a city ~perhaps new york city~ again someday. For now, the 'burbs are where I raise my family...close to my own family. But, NYC, you've got a piece of my heart.

Well, we had a great weekend with the kids in NY/NJ. We drove into the city, arriving at the Natural History Museum around 12:45pm. The kids were thrilled to see the dinosaur exhibits which dominated two floors! The museum actually has the biggest collection of dinosaur fossils in the WORLD. For my boys, ages 3 1/2 and 5 1/2, that is COOL. We also saw the habitat exhibits with loads of animals...which they loved. Ingrid & Stephen met us at the museum and it was fun to catch up while touring the museum. We appreciate them coming out to meet us!!

After the museum visit, we met up with Chris & Ruowen outside (around 3pm) and we walked through Central Park to a playground around 87th Street. The kids got to run around a bit ~ it was a fantastic, beautiful, sunny day!! Melia cried upon leaving the playground...she loves playing outdoors and is quite an active little girl!

Following the playground, we went to Jersey City to the Liscio's! They were amazing and hosted all FIVE of us in their two bedroom apartment. They are expecting their first baby next month - and hopefully we didn't scare them too much ;) We went out for pizza and got the kids to bed around 8pm. All 3 kids slept in the same room...which was interesting. Melia was excited; Dean was turning the star-light nightlight off; the boys came out a few times. Overall, it was fine. Melia woke them in the middle of the night with her crying (she had a cold, poor thing) but they fell back asleep.

Sunday, after pancakes and Wall-E, we took a little walk. We stopped to enjoy some gelato :) and we were back on the road around 12:30. Overall, it was a great trip. We are so appreciative of Chris & Ruowen's hospitality and kindness. We're so lucky to have such great friends!! Best part of all: The boys LOVED NY!!! This means the world to me. I don't want my kids to be afraid of cities or dislike traveling. I want them to enjoy new experiences (like me!)...and they do. I hope we'll be more adventurous in the future...and continue embracing new experiences as a family of five. It's just such fun!


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