Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Hikes!

Since returning from Spain, I've been going to yoga classes twice a week at the Y (love it!) and I've spent many days walking & hiking with the boys (and friends). It's been wonderful to be more active...and to enjoy nature a bit each day. For the most part, I feel relaxed and energetic (at least til the evening crashes upon me!). Dean, however, is not the best it is bringing me down a bit. Drew ROCKS and can hike miles...never gets tired or complains (til it's time to go home!)...and loves being the leader. Dean is often lagging behind - or asking to be carried. Sure, he's only 20 months so it's understandable. What is NOT cool is that he continues crying when in the back pack carrier. So I'll end up carrying my squirmy little guy on my hip - all 27 extra pounds of him. I guess it adds to the intensity of my workout! Oddly enough, he is awesome on the bike path and roads. He walked 2 miles yesterday. Here's the clencher: he pushes his lawn-mower. He'll walk for hours if he can push his silly little lawn-mower. Unfortunately I don't think a lawn-mower is safe on woodsy trails. I'm now hunting for an ideal front/side carrier for my almost-2-year-old. Suggestions are welcomed!!

Below are some of our pics. Even though I'm complaining a bit, we've had lots of fun!

Here is Dean in the ergo baby carrier which my friend Sarah lent me. We were walking out to Rome Point - and amazingly enough, Dean made it all the way to the beach! That's at least a mile! On the way back he was happy in the ergo. Drew, my champion hiker, walked there and back on his own.

Here we are at Goddard Park. We went for a nice afternoon walk with Wendy & Elena. Dean was up and down, up and down, up and down. It was so nice walking in the woods and then walking along the ocean cliff. It's an easy trail for the boys too.

Dean did great at the South County Bike Path. This time it was just the three of us. Both boys had their lawnmowers. We walked TWO miles and no one was carried at all. Granted, it took us about TWO hours, but I was happy :)
Here are the boys on our hike in Exeter...I think it's called Fisherman's Cove. Dean refused my sturdy back pack carrier, is too big for the baby bjorn, and ended up on my hip. Not my favorite day. I think I'll have to stick to paved paths til we find a carrier that works for Dean. Or I'll have to change my expectation that hiking with (both) kids can be a two mile journey. Drew cried when the hike was over and suggested we leave Dean home and head out again with Wendy, Trent & Elena. Hmmm...not a bad idea.


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