Thursday, March 06, 2008


Since Drew was an infant, he has been sleeping with lovies. He is especially fond of "Bubby," a little tiger blanket. Along the way, he's added lots of friends to the crib world. But one by one, he's throwing them out. I've never been able to part with anything so I think it's kind of healthy. It's good to recognize what you and need and what you don't. It's nice to be able to let things go. But it also concerns me a bit. Has he no loyalty? Did those nights of cuddling not mean anything to him?

The puppy was the first to go. Followed quickly by "Bubby's brother". (Bubby's identical twin brother was originally intended to rotate with Bubby, but Drew immediately recognized the impostor! So, we played him off as Bubby's brother which seemed appropriate as Drew had a new brother of his own, so why shouldn't Bubby?!?) Third to be tossed aside was Ducky, received last Easter. And today, he let go of "Blue", a tiny giraffe with a rattle inside - one of the first friends he slept with. Now, only Bubby and Ellie (a gray elephant) remain in the crib.

Does this sound normal?

What is everyone else's experience with a child or as the parent?


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