Thursday, January 31, 2008


It's time for my little man to go to school. Well, almost. And although we may be talking about pre-school, it's a placement I'm taking quite seriously. There are so many choices; making this decision is quite overwhelming. How many days a week do I want him to go? Is socialization more important than learning? Should he stay for lunch? Does it need a playground? What teacher student ratio am I comfortable with? Do they welcome parent involvement? Is it important that they offer Spanish, French, music, yoga, art, fitness...? Is it calm? Will they discipline my child? Will there be students of mixed ages? Where will he be successful, happy, and have a positive school experience?!?!
So far I've been to the South County Montessori school twice, the Cornerstone Montessori School, the North Kingstown Co-op, the Goddard School, and I've called three others. Exhausting. And after all this work, I am left more perplexed than when I began.
I wonder if I'm setting unreasonably high expectations?
Remember when kids were sent to the only pre-school (aka nursery school) in their neighborhood?


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