Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dean at 7 months

My beautiful baby is 7 months old...already. This age is particularly joyous. I do remember thinking the same thing when Drew was 7 months; and I also remember thinking it got better and better with each passing month (until we hit 2.5!). I am delighted in the good times we're sharing and excited for many more months of fun. Dean sits up by himself well, loves to be the center of activity & play, smiles constantly, and loves his mommy.

Here are some 7 month stats:

height: 27+ inches
weight: 15.5+ pounds
teeth: 2 on bottom, 1 on top - 3 more coming in!
naps: two per day (total of 3 hours)
night-wakings: 1-4 (in 12 hours)
meals: 3 solid feedings, nursing @ 6 times/day
foods: pears, peaches, prunes, apples, banana, avocado, squash, sweet potato, green beans, peas
finger foods: cheerios, tofu, peas
favorite toy: anything that fits in his mouth!


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