Friday, January 11, 2008

One thing I love...

...about Drew is how he finds everything to be "amazing" "incredible" "beautiful" and sings his praise with such happiness!
...about Dean is how no matter how miserable he might feel, he always manages to crack a smile - with huge chipmunk cheeks that make you melt immediately!
...about Chris is how he will randomly belt out "Wishy, washy, wee" or some other toddler tune (as if it were the Allman Brothers)
...about Rhode Island is all the amazing Mom-friends I've found here. What an incredible group of supportive, loving, fun women.
...about my mom is that she will do anything for her family - including coming over every day when everybody is sick to make dinner, clean up the house, and give me some rest. What a sweetheart!
...about Dean is how easy-going he can be. He will sit and watch Drew play for hours - and he also falls asleep as soon as he is put down. What a guy!
...about Drew is how he really cares for his little brother. He actually asked me to turn Dean's high chair last night because he couldn't see Dean! He is always filled with love and empathy for Dean ("What's the matter Dean?" "Don't cry, Dean...we're coming!" "Good morning, Dean! Did you have a nice sleep?" "Dean, want to go downtairs and play?")
...about my brother Alan is that no matter how busy our schedules may be, we find time to dine together each month and catch up - just the two of us.
...about my father, Pop, is that he gets down on the floor to play "trucks-n-cars" with Drew.
...about Chris is that he comes straight home from work every day - only to be handed two kids and a lot of responsibilities...and he STILL comes home every day!
...about being a mom is that when someone doesn't feel good, they turn to me for comfort.
...about my in-laws is that they set up a generous college account for the boys!
...about living in Rhode Island is that the cost of living is low enough that we can survive on one income.
...about about my life is being a part of such a loving, supportive family where lots of laughs are shared!


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