Thursday, February 15, 2007

Battle of wills

Drew and I are both stubborn. A Leo and a Virgo, what do you expect? But the bottom line is that I will win. Sorry kiddo.

So Drew has taken to not eating vegetables. For a while I guess I didn't realize it, or care, because he eats an overwhelming amount of fruit. Some of my energy was focused on protein as I worried that might be lacking. Now we're doing pretty good with protein: cheese, peanut butter, turkey, fish, chicken, yogurt, tofu, eggs; but vegetables, on the other hand, have been nearly absent from his diet. He would throw them on the floor - or take minimal bites and refuse more. I decided to get serious and crack down on the veggie issue. And, I think I'm winning.

I began by trying the easy veggies: peas, corn, edamame, spinach. And most were denied. I turned to Gerber for support...recalling the days when Drew would eat any jar I opened. No luck there either. So I cut out fruit. I offered only vegetables and protein. First Drew wanted to deny himself food all together, until he realized there would be no second round...of fruit. What you see is what you get. He would reach out for the veggies and eat! I cheered, sang, made airplane noises...whatever it took to get him excited! I continued to limit fruit (served at breakfast and after dinner only) and offer one/two veggies for lunch and dinner.

My thinking is: kids don't really like vegetables. This will not change in a few weeks...or even a few years. So, I'd better deal with it now. One part of the plan is to encourage veggies when his belly is empty and offer no other option, and the other is to make veggies more appetizing! So, back to the baby cookbooks. I don't care if the carrots are candied, or the spinach is in an omelet, or the squash has cinnamon and brown sugar. I'll steam vegetables and mix them with cheddar cheese and I'll make veggie lasagnas. Whatever it takes. Point is, I do have to do my part in order for this to work. I realize that. But the bottom line is: drew IS eating vegetables.

I guess I'm the more stubborn Kardos.


At 1:56 AM, Blogger Rob L. said...

Yeah, this has been a battle for us too -- spinach in an omelet sounds very familiar...


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